Planned Giving

Planned Giving provides a number of ways to support VMCF – to give back and to support the chapel’s work and outreach. Below are suggestions on how planned giving can support the Foundation. The VMCF suggests that you explore these opportunities with your personal financial advisor to see which option works best for you and then contact Helen Mills, Foundation Board President and Chair at 520-323-9351 ext.144 or email us

Wills and Gift Planning
Villa Maria Chapel Foundation can be included in a Will with a specific request, or with a percent of an estate or as the remainder beneficiary.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Assets are transferred to the Villa Maria Chapel Foundation with an agreement that a fixed rate of return will be paid to the named beneficiaries for life or a specified term. The remaining principal becomes the property of VMCF upon the donor’s death or expiration of annuity.

Life Insurance and Retirement Plans
A fully paid Life Insurance Policy may be donated to Villa Maria Chapel Foundation or the Foundation may be named as beneficiary of an IRA and/or retirement plan.