Board of Directors

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, which represents a diversity of expertise, faiths and administrative skills. Each board member fully understands and supports the mission of VMCF. The Board actively participates in an overall planning process, and assists in implementing the plan’s goals, as well as helping to ensure adequate resources in order for VMCF to fulfill its mission. Board members oversee the dispersing of funds, which are donated, bequeathed, or acquired through fundraising events. The Board also determines, monitors, and strengthens the organization’s programs and services, helping VMCF to carry out its programs while working to enhance the organization’s public standing.

A Message From Helen Mills, President And Chair

As President of the Villa Maria Chapel Foundation Board of Directors, I personally want to thank you for visiting our website. Please enjoy it and remember how vital you are to making our Foundation a continuous, self-sustaining endeavor. We would also like to encourage you to contact us with questions, ideas and suggestions. Your on-going interest and support helps to bring peace and joy to those who partake of the activities provided by the Villa Maria Chapel.

I am proud to serve on the VMCF Board. Our Board represents a wonderful array of giving individuals, dedicated to supporting the mission and continued growth of the Foundation while maintaining Villa Maria Chapel in Tucson, Arizona. Won’t you join us?

Blessings to you and yours, from the Foundation Board of Directors.